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PHONICS - Learning to Read

Information for Parents: How to say the sounds

Confused about how to pronounce the sounds found in Read Write Inc. Phonics? Worry not - 5-year-old Sylvie is here to show you how! Use this guide to support your child when practising the sounds at home

Information for Parents: Why read to your child?

Reading to your child is one of the most valuable things you can do as a parent to ensure their well-being. In this video, find out about the benefits of reading to your child.

Information for Parents: Sound-blending

'Sound-blending' describes how children learn to join sounds together to make words with Read Write Inc. Phonics. This video tutorial will help you support your child to practise sound-blending at home.

Read Write Inc. Phonics: Learning to blend

In this clip from Palmerston Primary School, Tracy teaches her Reception class how to blend sounds together to read words. She ensures that all the children can read the word before they read it independently on their magnetic boards.

Learning to Read - Presentation to Parents