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Computers are now a part of everyday life and for most of us, technology is essential to our lives, both at home and at work. For our children to be ready for the workplace, they must be able to participate effectively in the digital world.  The programme of study has been developed to equip children and young people with the skills, knowledge and understanding they will need for the rest of their lives.

Through the programme of study, they will:


  • learn how computers and computer systems work;

  • design and build programmes;

  • develop ideas using technology.


At Highfields School we have purchased a scheme of work called 'Switched On Computing' to help us ensure our teaching is thorough and relevant. In addition to this we use an exciting programme called Expresso Coding to enable our children to experience writing and debugging coding of their own.




We ensure that there is a strong focus on Online Safety. We teach children how to keep themselves safe and to treat others with respect. Children consider how their online actions impact other people and how they need to be aware of their legal and ethical responsibilities, such as showing respect for intellectual property rights (e.g. musical, literary and artistic works), keeping passwords and personal data secure and observing the terms and conditions for web services they use such as the 13+ age restriction on sites such as Facebook.

Children are taught that if they ever feel worried about anything they see on the internet, they should share their concerns with a parent or teacher and that they can talk directly to the police or in confidence to counsellors at Childline.

Please follow the link below to view our Highfields online safety information.