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Hello everyone. We hope that you have been working hard on your Home Learning this week and are ready for a little rest during half term. Do you remember our phonics lessons with Fred Frog? Do you remember ‘Magnet Eyes’? We say that to remind you to concentrate on what we are saying and showing to you. When we concentrate we use our eyes and our ears and our brains to focus on something and we ignore everything else. So when we say ‘magnet eyes’ we want you to pay attention to your teacher and not look at anything else. Being able to have ‘magnet eyes’, to be able to pay attention, is really important when we are working and learning. Look at Fred Frog in the picture at the top of this letter. He has ‘magnet eyes’ on his book. He is paying attention and concentrating on his reading.

How have your teachers and teaching assistants used their ‘magnet eyes’ this week?


Mrs Tait – I have been helping Mrs Cook to get the school ready for more children to start coming back to their classrooms. I have had to do lots of typing on my laptop and lots of sending emails. I needed my ‘magnet eyes’ to help me concentrate and make sure I sent the right email to the right person. 

Mrs Cole - Hi I have been busy writing the special report that we send home to your parents to say what you have been doing when you were in school this year. I have had to think very hard about each of you and enjoyed remembering all the lovely things we did together. I have had to work very hard to make sure I am using my sounds to help me write words. Then I have had to use my magnet eyes to check my reports afterwards to make sure I have written everything correctly.

Mrs Battle- I have been busy concentrating on writing school reports which your parents will receive a bit later in the Summer. Mrs Turner and I have been talking lots about your learning and remembering all the lovely learning that we achieved in school together.  In between writing reports I’ve been compiling a newsletter for the parents of the Key Worker children that have still been coming to school. I had to concentrate on finding all the photographs of what the children had been learning with each teacher and put them into a useful informative letter for the parents. I am looking forward to not teaching Freya and Eva (Y8/Y6) this week- I think they are ready for half term! In between planning for when we return to school, I am looking forward to reading lots again this week, as it is half term! 

Mrs Turner – I have also been busy writing your reports. It’s been really lovely to remember all the fun we had at school and all the clever things you said and did. You’ve all learnt so much! Mrs Battle and I are so proud of you. I’ve had to concentrate when helping my children do their home learning, particularly with year 8 Science. I’m learning lots of new things! Last week I was in school working with the key worker children and they were writing beautiful poems. I have been using my ‘magnet eyes’ to find fun activities for when we are back at school or home learning. 

When we do PE we work hard to make our muscles stronger. Attention is like a muscle. It starts out small and a bit wobbly but if we remember ‘magnet eyes’ we can give our attention lots of exercise and it gets stronger. Just like we exercise our body muscles we can exercise our attention muscles too. When you are doing your home learning, try as hard as you can to exercise your attention muscle by showing your grown-up ‘magnet eyes’. 


Have a lovely half-term break,


The Foundation Stage Team x


Letters from the Lockdown