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Enjoying large apparatus PE.

Winter Walk - We have been waiting for a cold frosty morning to start our Winter topic- What a beautiful morning it was!

Nancy and The Life Space came to visit.

Learning about Van Gogh and mono printing

The starry night Stereo VR experience

Motion Magic made this fantasic VR Journey according to Van Gogh "Starry Night" and "Arles room". The Starry Night VR is a 360-degree view short animation, more than 10w people in China has already watched.

We were captivated as a class as we got to step into Van Gogh's painting - we walked passed the big Cypress tree and into the village- turning around and looking at the starry night and then finding Van Gogh's little yellow house with the green shutters- totally magic! What amazing technology!

Understanding teen numbers

Magnificent Models