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Welcome to the Highfields Geography Website Page

At Highfields we learn about geography in diverse ways. Take a look at our photo gallery to see us in action both inside and outside the classroom.

We believe that children should develop a keen awareness of the many areas of geography and develop an understanding of a world beyond maps. We take opportunities to highlight and discuss different elements of geography and incorporate them into other curriculum subjects. On our local visits to the library we encouraged  the children to think about the benefits of living in our local area as opposed to living in a city, comparing and contrasting the two. 

 Take a look at our website suggestions for the budding geographer.

Across the years our progression plan ensures we introduce a variety of knowledge about places, peoples, cultures and history of the world in which we live and interlink this with geographical skills.

Please look at our progression map to find out more about how we build and develop skills and knowledge through the National Curriculum’s areas of study.

Please contact me, Mrs Henderson, if you have questions or would like to talk about any aspect of geography at Highfields.

Enjoy looking at our photo gallery.

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