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Highfields Musical Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

At Highfields we encourage children to learn a musical instrument and progress through a series of badges, certificates and musical examinations. Take a look below to see the music awards some of our pupils have achieved...

Music Achievements 2017/18


Nicolas - Grade 2 Clarinet

Harriet Silver Medal

Hamilton Copper & Bronze Medal

Laura Grade 1 Flute

Grace Copper Medal

Lucy Copper Medal

Edie Copper Medal

Ella C Copper Medal

Bryony Copper Medal

Lissy Bronze Medal



Yasmin Grade 2 Drum it with Merit

Danny Grade 1 Drumkit



Isabelle M Grade 3 Trumpet with Merit



Lissy Grade 1 Singing

Isabella B Grade 1 Singing with Merit

Ella F Grade 1 Singing with Merit

Molly Grade 1 Singing with Merit

Ava Grade 2 Singing with Merit

Fiona Grade 1 Singing

Shanine Grade 2 Singing

Isabelle Grade 4 Singing with Merit

Charlie-May Singing Grade 2

Olivia Grade 1 Singing with Merit

Grace Grade 1 Singing