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Welcome to Art and Design at Highfields!

We are so lucky to live so close to the Dedham Vale, a local area of outstanding natural beauty, and of course famed for the work of John Constable. We have recently completed our own school mixed media version of his very famous 'The Haywain' painting and it is proudly on display in the School Hall.


During the Autumn Term children in all classes were asked to discuss and vote on which of famous British Artists painting they would like to recreate. Classes looked critically at paintings by Turner, Hockney, Lowry and Constable and voted for their favourite. 


Reception children loved the simplicity and bright simple colours in David Hockney's 'The Splash', but also noted that they had enjoyed playing in the park near Flatford after visiting with their families. Lowry was not so popular as children were less keen on the smoke filled skies of his busy industrial landscapes. Children across Key Stage 2 thought that recreating the work of a local artist would  be interesting as local links to our community were important. 

Overall eight out of our twelve classes voted to recreate ' The Haywain' - please have a look next time you are in the school hall. 

The Haywain- John Constable- by Highfields

Y6 pupils helped to paint the iconic Haywain which was then placed carefully onto our finished collage- this required paying close attention to the light and shade which fell on the wheels, and using acrylic paints carefully. In this section of the painting we tried to create as close effect as we could to his brush strokes in oil. We think we did a really good job. The water in this section was layered up with torn paper collage in burnt umber and dark sage and then tiny brush strokes were layered across to help create the smooth millpond  next to Willy Lotts Cottage. 


Perhaps next time you visit Flatford you could take some pencils and paper and do some sketches- do let me know if you do, I would love to see them. 

Mrs Battle

At Highfields Primary School we really value the creative curriculum. Through topic work in the classroom, children have the opportunity to develop their Art skills in key areas such as drawing, clay, textiles, sculpture, painting, print making and collage. These areas are developed continuously throughout the school from foundation stage through to year 6. Ofsted (July 2016) found that, "...due to the high-quality teaching they receive, pupils are confident and creative in their art work. They can clearly explain the techniques they use and have a broad knowledge of a range of artists and sculptors."


We encourage children to be inspired by the work of great artists, engage in a wide range resources and media, to be inventive and creative. We develop critical thinking making links with art to other areas of the curriculum and also the contribution it makes on culture and the world around us. In our recent outstanding Ofsted report the inspectors found that Highfields pupils develop their ..."art and sculpture skills but also a deeper knowledge of the lives and times of the artists that they study."

Our bright and colourful "We are all individual and unique but together we are Highfields" tree. On visiting the school you are sure to see our very bright and cheery tree- with hundreds of our individually designed hands- it shows what we can achieve when we work together- we are sure you will agree that it looks magnificent - and the children love to spot their hands- and the little creatures in hidden in the tree trunk! 

Look carefully next time you are in front of the tree and see if you can spot Mrs Cook's hand design...which one do you think it is?

We take great pride in displaying the children’s art work around the school and also show our art work at The Tendring Summer Show along with other local schools.


Tendring Show 2019

Tendring Show 2017

We are so proud of every bit of art work in this display- here you can see beautiful Bayeux Tapestry sections, marvellous Munnings style horse watercolours and exciting Eyptian Gods and Godesses. Fantastic art work, and all linked creatively to the topics the children cover in school. I'm sure you'll agree that Art at Highfields is outstanding, and we're so pleased that Ofsted agreed!
Art in our School

All classes have been very busy producing some wonderful Art work.Mr Smiths class  made delightful sea scapes using ink and wash- and the detail on them is amazing- well done Y2!



Mrs Allston and Mrs Coles class- made pilgrim portraits also linked to the topic of The Mayflower. All those brave people off to battle the seas to find the new world!
These finished prints look amazing outside the Y5 classrooms- Well done all- what a great experience and it really shows the progression between the Y2's drawings in the style of William Morris to the wood block style print in Y5.

Collages inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy

Children used different media, including paint and cray-pas to create pictures of flint stones following a visit to Norfolk. 


Children in Year 5 class looked at the work of artist L.S. Lowry, and then created their own sculptures.


We wanted to include these key skills in our art work:

·         To use the past as a source of artistic inspiration.

·         To evaluate and analyse creative works

·         To research the work of an artist and replicate their style.

·         To represent figures and forms in movement.


The figures were then assembled into a three dimensional Lowry inspired landscape.

Super work from Y5 on Lowry and I thought it would be great to see that in Reception we also study great British artists- we also studied the work of Lowry during our work on Houses and Homes. It is of course really important to see progression across the year groups and this is a super example of how the same artist can be studied in very different ways.


In FS we took rubbings outside of different materials using the colour palette of Lowry. We then used these rubbings in flat geometric shapes to help create a 2D mixed media collage.  We talked about the factories, churches, and skies over his landscape- and off course his matchstick people and matchstick cats and dogs (and yes, we also sang the song!)

Here are some of our super Foundation versions of the same painting.


Art Gallery- Just a few examples of some of the great displays of creative work during this Academic Year. Well done everyone- you make our school look so bright with your creative learning. We are glad that Ofsted also enjoyed our art displays as their report states, "Displays are bright, vibrant celebrations of pupils' successful leaning." They certainly are- well done everyone for your super learning in Art, and other curriculum displays across the whole school.
Amazing Stone Henge Pictures- great tonal use of light and shadow.

We have an Art and craft focus day at Easter where pupil’s family members and carers can come and join them in school to make Easter crafts. The children love to share this experience with their family and show some of the skills they have learnt at school.

Tendring Show 2015

Art & Design Curriculum - Yrs 1-6

Highfields Art Skills Progression Map