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February 2021 challenges


July 2020


Until we can organise our Graduation Ceremonies, I thought our CU Learners might like to organise their own mini CU Graduations, and this has inspired us me to create our Graduation Challenge. 


It is something to round off the academic year of Children's University and of course a reminder that the children will still get to attend their CU Graduations and receive their Awards when social distancing allows.


Summer Term and Summer Holiday 2020 Children's University Challenges   

- Provisional Passport to Learning -


Debbie Bennett, Manager of Essex Children’s University, has created a Provisional Passport to Learning available to all children at Highfields, to encourage them to continue their home learning activities to the end of the Summer Term and during the Summer Holidays.

It offers all pupils access to a range of Learning Challenges, which they can complete at home. There is no financial commitment for families to participate when using the Provisional Passport to Learning.

If children enjoy their involvement and complete the challenges to collect learning stamps, they can convert their Provisional Passport to Learning to a "proper" Passport to Learning in September.

A copy of the Provisional Passport (a double-sided sheet of A4 which will create a folded Passport) and Learning Challenge ideas are attached.

For more information, visit


Debbie Bennett, manager of the Essex Children’s University, led an assembly for pupils and visitors to explain how joining this organisation can support children’s life-long learning and help to develop their resilience, self-belief and ambition. 


The Children’s University is a national organisation, which aims to provide children aged 7-14 years (and 5 to 6 year olds with their families) with exciting learning activities and experiences outside of the normal school day.


Children buy a ‘Passport To Learning’, then collect 'stamps' for the time they spend taking part in different activities. This can include Cubs, Brownies, extra-curricular clubs at Highfields and many other Learning Destinations which can be found on the Essex Children’s University website.


Once children have achieved 30 hours of activities, they are invited to a graduation ceremony at the University of Essex to receive their certificates.


If your child would like to buy a Passport to Learning, they cost £5.00 and can be bought from Mrs Deane at lunchtime.


Don’t forget, anyone who already has a Passport to Learning can carry on using it and collect the hours they need for the next award.

Further details about the Essex Children’s University can be found at




In March, children who achieved 30 hours or more of extracurricular learning with the Essex Children’s University attended their graduation ceremony. The ceremony at the University of Essex saw children involved in the programme receive their awards in front of friends and relatives, whilst wearing full graduation cap and gown.

It was a great way to celebrate the commitment and hard work the children have displayed towards extra-curricular activities throughout the year.

Well done to Eloise B and Ellie B for achieving their Bronze Award, Bethany H for achieving her Bronze Certificate and Esther H for achieving her Bronze Diploma.    Amy H received her Silver Postgraduate Certificate, after completing 565 hours of activities.

Special congratulations go to Jacob H, who collected his Gold Doctorate for a remarkable 900 hours of extra-curriculum learning.

Well done also to Caitlin and Molly S who have both earned a Silver Award, Theo Scott who has earned Bronze and Silver Certificates and Isabella B who has achieved her Silver Certificate.


The message from Debbie Bennett, manager of the Children’s University, is one which we also whole-heartedly support at Highfields.

“ Our work encourages children to try new activites and unfamiliar experiences. To be passionately curious, and have fun whilst learning. To develop those skills and talents we would like to see more of in all our communites: resilience, adaptability, collaboration, self-confidence and self-belief.”