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Sports Clubs

The school offers a variety of sport based clubs that run at different times throughout the year. These are run by either staff, Manningtree High School or Go4Goalz.
 Below is a list of sports clubs that are currently available for the autumn term. 



Foundation stage and Keystage 1 football club is held on a Thursday after school 3-15-4.15pm. It is run by Haz (Go4Goalz), who takes football lessons for keystage 1 during the school day. The children have the opportunities to practise new skills and play mini matches. Information regarding payment can be found at the school office.


Keystage 2 (Year 4-6) football club is held on a Monday after school and is also run by Haz (Go4Goalz). The children will be able to develop their skills and play matches at the end of the training. Information regarding payment can be found at the school office.



Netball club is for children in Year 5 and 6 and is run by Mrs Billings. The children will have the opportunity to learn new skills and develop a school netball team. We hope our netball team will play teams from local schools.



Gymnastics is held on a Tuesday after school 3.15-4.10pm for Keystage 1 children. It is run by Mrs Billings The children will have the opportunity to practise different skills (rolling, balancing, climbing, jumping) and link these into sequences developing control and co-ordination.


Miss Dobner teachers rugby for years 5 and 6 after school on a Tuesday. This runs from 3.15 to 4.15pm.

Manningtree High School


We are very fortunate to have Manningtree Sports Centre up the road. Last term they offered a KS2 badminton club which was very successful. This half term they are offering a volleyball club for Years 3-6. If your child is interested please ask the office for a letter.