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Attendance Matters

Highfields Primary School Mission Statement

To promote independent, confident, self-disciplined children with enquiring minds and the skills to maximise their full learning potential.


  • Good attendance by pupils and staff is part of this school’s daily life

  • We ensure dedicated time and resources, including the employment of additional staff as needed, e.g. home-school liaison or pastoral staff

  • We ensure a high quality curriculum and teaching

  • We ensure support is in place to meet the individual needs of every pupil

  • We have procedures in place that are monitored and reviewed with the input of staff, pupils and parents

  • We make decisions based on evidence, including through regular data analysis

  • We fast track attendance issues with an emphasis on early intervention and referral to external agencies when required;

  • We work in partnerships with the local community, businesses and parents


We are committed to working with parents and the Missing Education & Child Employment Service to maintain our excellent attendance rate of 97.1% in 2014/15 and 97% in 2015/16. During 2014/15 0.3% unauthorised absences were recorded which was a 0.1% improvement on the previous year. And 0.3% unauthorised absences were recorded in 2015/16. For 2016/2017 the attendance rate was 97% with 0.4% unauthorised absences.




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