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Years 3 & 4


Welcome to the Summer Term Middle Phase!



Please take a look at our photos, if you haven't already. We really enjoyed looking back over all the wonderful things we did in the Spring term - we hope you do too. 


We miss each and everyone of you - you are always in our thoughts. We hope you and your family are keeping safe. Remember, you can access the 'Weekly activity grids' by clicking on the big pencil above 'Home Learning'. You can also have a look at additional home learning resources by clicking on the 'Home Learning Extra' apple. If you click on the 'rainbow' tab you will see a little extra from all of us. 


We hope you are continuing to be kind and helpful to each other and we hope to see you all again soon. 


World Book Day fun 2020!

TT Rockstars Day - enjoying our times tables!

Where did this box come from and who does it belong to?!

Cuckoo Class exploring Newspapers

Cuckoo Class Science and Maths investigations

Nightingale Class at BT's Adastral Park and Safer Internet Day

Nightingale Science

Cuckoo Class - Odd socks day

We coloured in our own odd socks
Then cut them out
Using our careful cutting skills
Look how great they look
Lots of odd socks!
Some great ones to see!
Lots of colours!
More odd socks!
And even more...!
Even Mrs Marshall joined in!
Our wonderful odd socks on display!

Wren Class - RobotFun Day - exploring robots and learning to code

Wren Class 'Open Read' - enjoying new class books with parents

Wren Class - water colours inspired by David Hockney

Wren Class - our World War II topic and visit to Ipswich Museum

Understanding the different periods of history
Ordering key events in WWII
Molly sharing artefacts from home
Rationing:  Sophie's honey cake
On the coach to Ipswich Museum
Identifying objects from a family
How families lived in WWII
Exploring typewriters and telephones
Building an Anderson Shelter
Handling a gas mask
All in the shelter!
Or under the tables...
Typing up Churchill's speech
Following the son's trail
Morse code messages
And the siren sounded...
Construction in progress
The son's trail around the museum
Using rags to make do and mend
The family - a grand finale!

Wren Class - school council election and Parliament Week

Wren Class Science - exciting electricity and studying sound

Nightingale Class At Ipswich museum

Some pictures of Nightingale class during group work

Maths - numbers & place value
Maths - multiplication groups
WW2 Show and Tell
Preparing our playscripts
Acting out our  playscripts
Acting out our  playscripts
Science -  on "Children in Need" day!
Science - sound and vibrations practical
Science - sound and vibrations practical
Dressing up as an evacuee
Children's poster to explain place value
English - making a character web
English - making a character web
Science -Making electrical circuits