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Mrs Deane Autumn Term 2019


Welcome to your Year 5 class (Starling), and to an exciting school year, which will be full of new challenges, experiences and a few surprises!

We are looking forward to sharing all the exciting learning opportunities we have at Highfields.

During Year 5, you will have the chance to become a Play Leader, a Special Friend and take part in many different experiences and activities.

Crime and Punishment and Victorian life are just two of the topics we will be learning about during the year. As always, we have also planned some great visits, together with musical and sporting opportunities. A highlight of the Summer Term is our residential visit to Norfolk.


This year, our focus is on boosting interest in reading, ensuring that everyone reads regularly and developing comprehension skills.

On the Class Page below, you will find suggestions for books to read in Year 5, which you can start in the Summer holiday.

When you have read a book from the list, why not write a review? Look below for a book review template, or create your own. You can earn ten Team Points for each book you read from the list during the holiday, and remember to bring in any book reviews in September.

As well as enjoying a book on your own, you could also read with an adult or listen                                      to an audio book                                     Don’t forget to join the Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge, run by Essex Libraries.


Have a great year, and keep reading.

Mrs Deane

      and the support staff in Starling class: 

   Mrs Gee, Mrs Cullum, Mrs Coultharde-Steer and Mrs Eade








Children worked together in science to filter some 'River Stour water'.

Pupils in Starling class made memory boxes based on the theme of Remembrance.

Children investigated the features of persuasive texts and evaluated their effectiveness. They then created their own persuasive leaflet.

Investigating different electrical conductors in Science.

Visiting the Essex Police Museum

Creating our own starlings in Art.

Investigating legends as part of our work in English.

Year 5 Reading List

Write a Book Review

Years 5 & 6 spelling list