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Maths Challenge Club

Maths Challenge Club

In year 6 some of our most able mathematicians attend a maths challenge club where we have a go at some really tricky maths topics and carry out maths investigations.

Working out the ratios of squash to water for a new squash company

"It's the best club I've ever been too because all we do is maths, maths and more maths and we all love maths!"

Ella B

"I really enjoyed making fractions, decimal and percentage tarsia puzzles - it was really tricky trying to find equivalents for each number."


"My favourite part of maths club was when we tested the ratios for orange squash. It was really fun."

Matthew A

"The main reason I love Tuesdays is because I go to maths club!"

Erykah R

"One of the best things we've done in maths club is working out how many legs there were in the twelve days of Christmas song and how much all the gifts would cost. It was quite tricky but was really fun!"

Aimee D