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Home Learning March-July 2020

This page contains planning, information and ideas for families of Year 1 and 2 children who are self-isolating or are affected by school closures.

Each child has brought home a collection of resources and an exercise book. We have organised the suggested activities to keep your child busy and continue to learn, but we fully understand that adults or children may be feeling unwell and unable to complete every tasks. Children have worked together to complete a ‘Home Learning’ Agreement which we hope will help our families during this time. Some activities we suggest will require adult supervision and this is especially true of activities which may require internet research. All internet use should be supervised.

The first week of activities is attached inside your child’s new Home Learning exercise book. Subsequent weeks of planning and activities will be posted here on the school website.  

You will also find on the inside cover of their book a list of websites and Apps that the children might enjoy and that will help to keep their learning going. This list will be added to as more links are researched and tested.

We suggest that children use the exercise book to build a scrapbook of evidence of the activities they have done. You may wish to take photos and print things out to add to the book, but there is no expectation that this will be the case. Work will not be marked in the traditional sense but it will be shared and discussed at an appropriate time once we return to formal school.

Remember that some of the best learning opportunities come through play and practical learning. Perhaps you can teach them a new skill! Encourage them to help you with jobs around the house, enjoy sharing books together and take the opportunity to get some fresh air if you can.

We hope all our families stay safe and well during this difficult time.

Year 1 and 2 staff

The Firstsite website has some lovely art ideas to access. You will need to go to following website and complete a very quick registration page to access the activity books.

Dear choir and everyone else who enjoys singing. I have included a couple of warm ups and familiar songs as well as, Starship Silver Gray and This is Our Earth song that we had talked about learning but didn't get a chance to.

Have fun singing along.

Mrs Cole