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Year 6 Mrs Sams & Mrs Billings

Welcome to Year 6
Welcome to Year 6 - your new teachers are Mrs Billings and Mrs Sams.

The Autumn term topic focus will be The Egyptians and we hope to have an Egyptian day later in the term.

English will be planned around Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. The children have been sorted into their houses this morning by the sorting hat. Dust off the broomsticks as the children will be competing in the Quidditch Cup later in the term!


In Year 6 there is also the excitement of the residential trip to Mersea  where they will have the opportunity to take part in lots of new and exciting activities (climbing, kit karts, archery - the list just goes on!)

In year 6 at our school, children have lots of opportunities to take on responsibilities. We have prefects, playleaders and lots of class monitors who help to keep our class and the whole school running smoothly.


Please remember to bring in your PE kit in the first week and this must be kept in school everyday. We are very fortunate to be having squash coaching on a Monday morning and football with Haz on a Thursday.

We are looking forward to a fantastic term!!




Cylinder Timetable - Autumn 1

Which house will we be in?

Which house will we be in?  1
Which house will we be in?  2
Which house will we be in?  3
Which house will we be in?  4