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Year 3/4 Mrs Yardley


                 Welcome to Octagon class 


Welcome to year 3 and 4!


I am delighted to welcome new and familiar children to Octagon class. They have all made an enthusiastic start and I hope they are looking forward to the exciting year ahead. 


                                    Our first topic is the STONE AGE!


It's a fantastic topic that gives your children the chance to learn about the first humans and their survival techniques! The children will be encouraged to explore the topic through different subjects so they can deepen their understanding in a creative and engaging way. 


Throughout this topic, Octagon class will: 

-Understand how to survive the stone age

-Understand the importance of mammoths

-Create their own cave paintings and stone age homes 

-Learn bout different types of fossils

- Build on their creative writing inspired by the Stone Age Boy.

         Plus so much more!