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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school


Headteacher – Mrs Hilary Cook (Designated Person for Child Protection)


Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Katie Tait (Foundation Stage Teacher)


Senior Managers –  Mrs C Deane

                               Miss E Grant

                               Mrs A Bowden (SENCO)


Teaching Staff -     Mrs S Allston

                               Mrs M Battle

                               Mrs K Billings

                               Mrs H Cole

                               Miss E Grant

                               Ms King

                               Mrs T Marshall

                               Mr A Page

                               Mrs L Sams

                               Mr S Smith

                               Mrs J Turner

                               Mrs P Wilton (Trainee)

                               Mrs V Yardley


SENCO –                 Mrs A Bowden


Teaching Assistants –    Mrs J Brown

                                      Mrs S Bruce (and Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs M Coultharde-Steer (and Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs L Cullum (and Midday Assistant)

                                      Miss H Dobner

                                      Mrs S Eade (HLTA and Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs F Gee (and Midday Assistant)

                                      Miss J Heath (and Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs S Jennings (and Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs R Kenneison 

                                      Miss M Lee (and Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs S Meakings (HLTA and Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs B Mills (HLTA and Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs D Mills (HLTA and Senior Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs D Moore

                                      Mrs S Roast (and Midday Assistant)

                                      Mrs P Strike (SEN- TA)

                                      Mrs A Titshall (and Midday Assistant)                                  

                                      Mrs J Williams (and Midday Assistant)

                                      Miss F Wright




 School Business Manager - Ms L Riddlestone


Administrative Officers – Mrs M Cooke (Attendance Monitor)

                                         Mrs S Ashley


Caretaker – Mr J Walker


School Cook – Miss W Faux


Catering Assistants –  Mrs S Grabowska 

                                   Mrs A Jankowska                                  

                                   Mrs K Murrey

                                   Mrs H Van Wyk


Mid Day Assistant- Mrs A Bunyan